Of course, the number of domestic MBA programs is not comparable to the number of American programs, of which there are more than 800 in the United States. But, according to those who have studied in America, when comparing the quality of programs, some Ukrainian business schools would not be among the last hundred in the ranking from overseas. The cost of MBA programs in Ukraine is three times lower than in the West. Marketing and international relations specialists at the International Institute of Management note that there is no Western business school in Eastern Europe that can teach Ukrainian business better than our local management schools. Perhaps that is why not all of our compatriots who received their MBA degrees in the West were able to realize themselves at the proper level in their home country.

Currently, there are a large number of schools, colleges, institutes, and universities in Ukraine, but only three organizations offer MBAs in the classic version (i.e., the closest to the Western standard): International Institute of Management (MIM-Kyiv), Lviv Institute of Management (LIM), and Dnipropetrovs'k Academy of Management, Business and Law (DAUBL). Of these, only the first two are practically established organizations. The DAUBP, which developed its MBA program jointly with the Russians, is currently facing some difficulties that do not allow it to be considered a serious competitor to MIM and LIM. By the way, the situation with the Russians looks a little better: Out of more than a hundred existing business schools, about 5 award full MBA degrees, 3 of which are purely Western. In Ukraine, there are no such schools at all. There have been several attempts to establish international MBA programs in the past, but due to high tuition fees, insufficient demand for MBA education in Ukraine, the absence of such a specialty in the register of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, and other reasons, none of these projects has been successful.

Features of the MBA.

The classic MBA program has several features that make it practical and effective for a manager or businessman:

  • a modular system is used, when one course is taught for one and a half to two weeks before the next one starts
  • MBA programs use case studies and computer simulations, for example, computer simulation programs developed by leading universities and business schools of the world and known in many countries are used in the educational process. Among them are FAST, which simulates over-the-counter securities trading in a local computer network, Markstrat, which manages the company's marketing policy, and Management Game, which represents the company's overall management strategy." In addition, the MIM is connected to the Reuter terminal, which allows students of the program to try themselves as a broker and "play" on the FOREX market or the international stock market
  • one of the most important features of MBA programs is internationality. Almost all business schools teach all or most of their courses in English, the language of international business, which makes it possible to invite candidates and teachers from all over the world.

Domestic MBA programs with an international dimension are still few and far between, as only Ukrainians and Belarusians (rarely Russians) study here, and the teaching is mainly in Ukrainian (Russian). Therefore, students do not have the opportunity to communicate directly with Western colleagues and learn from their experience (except during a short internship abroad). However, a new MBA program has recently been launched in Ukraine, which is offered in English.

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