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Top 7 MBA programs from the world's best business schools

Top 7 MBA programs from the world's best business schools

Almost limitless opportunities open up for specialists who have completed MBA programs - 90% of business school graduates get prestigious and well-paid jobs anywhere in the world.

Master of Business Administration is the highest level of business qualifications recognized worldwide. MBA program is considered the most prestigious and opens the door for its graduates to any international company. It is designed primarily for business executives and top managers who plan to reach the top in business management.

Oxford University, England

The oldest university in the world offers an MBA program at Said Business School, one of the most modern and best in the world. The program, which includes a series of lectures, seminars and small group sessions, allows you to master all the managerial skills. Students from all over the world are welcome to apply.

Entrance requirements:

  • At least 2.1 Bachelor's degree level; 
  • minimum TOEFL test score of 110, IELTS test score of 7.5 (for international students); 
  • at least 2 letters of recommendation; 
  • motivation letter (maximum 500 words).

Cost: 64,858 euros.

International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland

Lausanne Business School is not among the world's most prestigious schools for nothing: its MBA program is considered one of the most challenging and high quality. The course helps to learn the main aspects of business management and learn how to solve the most complex problems. In addition, IMD has an EMBA program designed for entrepreneurs with at least 10 years of business experience.

Entrance requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree; 
  • GMAT score of 620 or higher; 
  • 3 or more years of business experience; 
  • high level of English; 
  • knowledge of at least one language other than English.

The cost of the course: 77 137 euros.

Harvard Business School, USA

The best business school in the United States operates at Harvard University in Massachusetts and also offers MBA training. Teachers prepare business leaders by teaching both theory and practice.

Entrance requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree; 
  • high GMAT or GRE test scores; 
  • minimum TOEFL score of 109; 
  • IELTS score of 7.5; 
  • PTE score of 75 (for international students); 
  • 2 letters of recommendation; 
  • essay; 
  • resume.

Tuition: 54,784 euros.

London Business School, England

London Business School is the best business school in the United Kingdom and one of the most prestigious in the world. 93% of graduates receive job offers three months after receiving their diploma. LBS offers courses on MBA, Executive MBA and Masters in Finance programs.

Entrance requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree; 
  • work experience in business - desirable; 
  • motivation letter; 
  • CV; 
  • valid visa (for foreign students); 
  • GMAT test score of 701 or higher; 
  • registration fee - 244 euros.

Cost of education: 90 794 euro.

IE Business School, Spain

The International Business School in Madrid is ranked among the best in its field and, in particular, is renowned for its high level of MBA training. By this time, IE has accepted more than 40,000 students from 125 countries.

Entrance Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree; 
  • 2 letters of recommendation; 
  • minimum TOEFL score of 100, IELTS score of 7 (for international students); 
  • high GMAT score (during the entrance exam on the school campus).

Tuition: 65,000 euros.

European School of Management and Technology, Germany

European School of Management and Technology works in Berlin since 2002 and has already managed to be in the list of the most influential business schools in the world. This private institution, opened at the initiative of 25 leading German companies, teaches students from all over the world in the MBA, EMBA and Executive Education programs. The MBA course is divided into two parts: first seven months students are taught managerial skills, and the next five months emphasize leadership qualities. In addition, each student has a mentor from an influential German company.

Entrance requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree; 
  • minimum 3 years of graduate school; 
  • GMAT score of 640 or higher; 
  • high TOEFL score (for international students); 
  • 2 letters of recommendation.

Cost of tuition: 38,000 euros.

Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA

Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of seven professional schools of Stanford University. Its MBA-program was many times recognized as the best in the States: for example, last year it was put in first place by the US News & World Report.

Entrance requirements:

  • High school diploma; 
  • high GMAT or GRE test scores; 
  • minimum TOEFL test score of 100, 
  • IELTS test score of 7, PTE test score of 68 (for international students); 
  • 2 letters of recommendation; 
  • registration fee of 246 euros.

Tuition: 57,427 euros.

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